Elihu Eli El, known to most folks as Eli

is a candidate for Congress in Maryland’s seventh congressional district. Eli lives in Arbutus, MD, just a few blocks away from UMBC, which is in Maryland’s 7th Congressional District. He is a Veteran, Rotarian {President-elect}, and humanitarian.  Eli is a lifelong learner.  He is pro-union and advocates for workers’ rights and living wages. We so desperately need a humanitarian and servant leader fighting for us.  Unfortunately, he is divorced;  However, he has two great daughters.  Eli is running for office to restore trust in politics, protect your livelihood, ensure that resources are properly allocated in a manner that supports equity, and get the government working for people.  He is a former law enforcement officer who actually wants to reform our criminal justice system.  He is the only candidate bringing solutions to the table.  For instance, Eli is capable of ending hunger during his first term.  He will enact a bill to either expand eligibility of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, also commonly known as food stamps) and Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) or create a new program.  Congress will ensure that the benefits of the program are redeemable by vouchers.  He plans to further enact that private citizens, civic organizations, and corporations may purchase vouchers to distribute locally.  This solves most problems associated with food insecurities.  Yes, he is an analytical person and problem-solver of socially wicked issues.

Eli decided to run for Congress because the stakes are too high and we can longer afford to hope that professional politicians or slick talking snake oil selling flim-flam artists are even capable of solving the wicked problems that harm us.  He is NOT a career politician.  Like most of you, Eli makes his money the hard way.  He is well equipped to use his 30+ years of problem-solving to: 

  1. Revitalize decrepit communities using proven policies to improve the health and well-being of all while preventing unhealthy sprawl and gentrification; 
  2. End hunger in America; 
  3. Reform our progressive tax system to ensure retirement security by guaranteeing that 100% of the social security that each taxpayer deserves is available during retirement and make sure that the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share; 
  4. Study single-payer and “Medicate for All” type programs from throughout the world, adopt aspects that work, and enact a law that guarantees affordable healthcare options for all; 
  5. Clean and protect the environment. Commission experts to identify and mitigate Chemical Disaster Vulnerability Zones (CDVZs). He grew up in Arkansas eating the fish we caught. It is a crying shame that toxins existing in our waterways limit or prevent us from eating the fish we catch. This will ensure that we leave behind a healthy planet for our children by fighting for environment justice today; and, 
  6. Ensure equitable prosperity by applying scientifically-proven problem solving techniques and advocating for policies that meet the needs of all families and protect workers, because since slavery, career politicians continue to allow inequality, and structural racism to go unchecked. 

Since Eli is DAWIA (Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act) Level III in Systems Engineering, Scrum, SafeAgile, Security+, and ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) certified, earned a degree in Computer Science, and currently studying Policy with a concentration in Cyber Security, he is the best candidate for Congress to lead our global fight against cyber threats and ransomware.  He is a graduate of the City of Little Rock’s Healing Racism Institute, an alum of the City of Little Rock’s Citizens Police Academy, former Teamster, former member of the Southern States Police Benevolent Association, former member of the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA), and current professional with the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). 

Eli grew up in Arkansas and moved to the DC metro area in 2004. He serves my community, family, and nation with humility and a deep respect for my responsibility in helping others achieve their goals He am an analytical person and strategist with a passion for meaningful change, saving lives, and protecting the American way-of-life. He is dedicated to reducing poverty and promoting socially sustainable innovation, cultural understanding, and building productive relationships.  

Eli is enthusiastic about developing products and services that address complex mission-focused problems. He brings ingenuity, simplicity, and humanity to the industry of software and systems engineering. He enjoys working in organizations that strive to have a good balance between doing it right and moving quickly. Innovation is powered by perspective and that teamwork and respect for each other will lead to excellent results. He can take in a lot of disparate information and find common themes, recommend clear paths forward, and iterate along the engineering path. He does not form opinions and sell it as if it is gospel. Eli is all about structure, but well capable of being flexible, agile, dependable, and responsive in the face of many moving parts.  

Eli’s home music playlist includes songs like:

Eli’s dance and workout playlist includes songs like:

Eli’s “goto” karaoke joint is “You’re On My Mind” by Kem.

Other than fishing, dancing, and winemaking, Eli is a casual carpenter performing residential renovations. He focuses on social injustice, mitigating family dysfunction, and promoting Social Transformation. His zeal for serving marginalized and underrepresented groups has been demonstrated by my progressive service and working with diverse populations. Through education, cultural awareness, and fervor to influence positive change within government entities, Eli brings knowledge of local cultural belief systems, values, and customs that define what solutions are most appropriate. Therefore, he is the best candidate to bring collaboration and openness to Congress.

Story of the Blacksmith: The king asked the blacksmith if he had any experience slaying dragons.  If he did not have any experience, what made him think he could save the kingdom?  The blacksmith had never killed any dragons, he had to admit.  But, he insisted, he was an accomplished horseman and had already made an arsenal of many fine swords.  Best of all, he was comfortable with fire.  The Blacksmith got the job and saved the kingdom.  Eli is the blacksmith within this election.  His toolset and experience can be transferred to ensure prosperity for all people.

After studying this website, you will realize that my skills, rare talents, and behaviors reveal more about my potential to lead.  Hopefully, you are looking for a Congressman with these qualities.  He is ready to bring added value, in a manner that ONLY my background could uniquely offer.  By electing me, you avoid fiscal risks and create fiscal opportunities.